Use These 10 Free Keyword Research Tools to Improve Your SEO Ranking

SEO Ranking

Tools for keyword research have significantly aided firms in increasing their online visibility. You can get a sense of what people search for online and how they go about doing it by looking at keywords. Their search efforts can be divided into many sections. Imagine that a customer searches for information on a specific product using terms like “how to,” “ways to,” etc. When a person moves past the initial stage and is prepared to buy, these keywords shift. Then he will probably say things like “where to buy,” “price of,” “discount rates,” etc.

The most popular tool for conducting keyword research is Google Ads Keyword Planner, however we must not ignore its flaws. The volume of keyword data it produces is constrained. They are insufficient to organise and carry out strategic operations. Additionally, it prioritises data from paid advertisements. Therefore, there is no way to determine how well the organic searches are doing on this search engine.

But to our relief, there are further keyword research tools that we can use. Here are some keyword research tools you can use (the majority of them are free, while a select handful charge a little fee).

Everywhere are keywords

A browser add-on called The Keywords Everywhere works with Chrome or Firefox extensions. It provides information on keyword search volumes, competition levels, and cost per click across different websites. Over fifteen widely used keyword research tools are compared by the website Keywords Everywhere. The user can now more easily retrieve the appropriate data and, if necessary, download it in Excel, CSV, or PDF file formats.


You should also evaluate the content of your competitors if you wish to conduct thorough keyword research. Analyzing them could be advantageous for you. Not everyone has the financial means to subscribe to Semrush and Ahrefs for $100 per month (the lowest of their monthly plans). TagCrowd is a free tool, despite the fact that they are all excellent. It is incredibly user-friendly and has a variety of uses, including

adding content by pasting the text of the page, the URL of the website, or an uploaded file

Trader Words

For individuals who run an Amazon store, Merchant Words is a useful tool. It has the ability to gather information from a sizable number of genuine Amazon queries conducted globally. You are only able to explore a small number of keywords in the free version. However, you may make use of features like limitless searches, CSV downloads, and 24/7 customer support with the subscription edition.


It is a live tool that suggests keywords. It compiles queries from Google, eBay, Bing, Google Play, Amazon, YouTube, and Yahoo to find fresh keyword suggestions. When you begin to type, it immediately lets you know what people are looking for. However, no information about the number of keyword searches is displayed.


It is a tool for Pinterest search optimization that enables you to get

Long-tail search terms

examine your search history for keywords and download your keyword list
It can assist you by highlighting the Pinterest-popular terms. However, it may not be very helpful to you when studying ranking difficulty or search volume data.

Shitter is the word

A large keyword tool called Keyword Shitter opens Google Autocomplete for search terms. If bulk keyword searches are not what you’re after, you can filter your results by selecting either positive or negative criteria.

Google Search Statistics
With the help of the Google search data, you may extract topics and article structure. How? Utilizing the three Google search options is straightforward.

Autocomplete: It provides keyword suggestions by enabling quicker completion of queries. It was once referred to as Google Suggest.
People Often Request: These Google boxes change frequently. Numerous relevant questions are displayed when we input a question. The tool’s user is able to better analyse the target query’s intent thanks to this functionality.
Related Lookups It shows searches that are semantically comparable but may or may not utilise the same main term as the search. Content that might be of interest to readers can be made using these relevant subjects.
These three can be used to analyse user interests and information needs in order to produce content.

Asked Also

This tool relies on data from People Also Ask Google. It implies connections between subjects that are connected. The user has the option of downloading data as PNG or CSV files.


You have access to other people’s unfiltered Google searches with this tool. It makes it simpler for the user to comprehend the inquiries, recognise the queries, delve into the thought process, and also ascertain the concern of the users of the Google search engine. You will gain useful knowledge for creating the most interesting content. For those that want to interact directly with their desired target audiences, StoryBase is a useful tool (that has been established in the searches).


Reddit’s Keyworddit extracts keywords. It is a free keyword suggestion tool that concentrates on pulling keywords out of comments and titles. You can see what others are searching for by looking at the results.

It’s not as tough to understand Reddit marketing as some might think. To learn what the platform has to offer its users, you must use it. When you succeed in doing so, you will gain comprehensive audience insights.


If you examine any effective SEO plan from, you will undoubtedly discover that keyword research is one of its essential elements. There are now so many tools on the market, both paid and free, that it is no longer necessary to rely simply on information gleaned from the Google Ads Keyword Planner tool. Select one of these tools, or maybe test out several, and begin your keyword research. Although the expensive tools offer you a lot of information to compile relevant searches and produce quality results, the free tools offer just as much insight into the world of keyword searches without requiring you to spend a big sum for them.